Hanselminutes on 9 - "Razor," IIS Express, SQL 4 Compact Edition and VS2010 Tooling with Damian Edwards

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Scott's in Redmond this week and chats with developer Damian Edwards about "Razor," IIS Express, SQL 4 Compact Edition and VS2010 Tooling. 
ScottGu recently announced all of these cool new developer tools, and folks at Microsoft are actively working on integration with Visual Studio 2010 and one of those folks is Damian. What's he got to show Scott today?



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The Discussion

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    Ian Joyce

    Separate IIS Express and WebMatrix.

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    Better yet; replace WebDevServer with it....

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    Separate, of course.

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    Security Features for locking it down?? Please?? Easier to use ones..

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    Brian Randell

    Seperate and back it into VS 2010 SP1.

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    Damo makes is Channel 9 debut! Smiley Go Damo! Smiley



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    Separate of course. To be honest I somehow assumed that it is going to be a separate product from Scott Gu's blog post. And was really disapointed that it is actually not. It could be useful tool it development/testing stages as standalone product.

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    +1 for separate.  I'm far less likely to install a tool like this if it brings along a bunch of other stuff I might not want.

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    Divide and conquer!!

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    Separate +1


    I also assumed from Scott Gu's post that it'd be a separate product. Imagine my surprise after seeing this video Sad Gonna have to tell my work buddies about this now.


    I wonder how many other people don't know about this yet.

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    Kariem Ali

    Separate, of course.

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    Exactly as CodeMercenary said above, I'm far less likely to install a tool like this if it brings along a bunch of other stuff I might not want.


    So +1 for separate.



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    Please, make IIS Express available as a separate download! We do not care that much about Web Matrix, but IIS Express will be an extremely useful tool for us along with SQL CE 4.0!

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    Separate WebMatrix from IIS Express. Like others before me have said, Scott Gu's post led me to believe it was a separate concern already. I saw WebMatrix as being for low end developers, who may not have the need of IIS Express (as opposed to super simple Cassini) so much as higher end devs - so feels a contradiction in a single package.

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    Nice work Damian!

    Also, separate please.



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    Michael Butler

    Another great video. Enjoyed it very much.


    I'll add my voice for separation of IIS Express from Web Matrix, even though I'll probably have Web Matrix installed too.

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    Yes, separate IIS Express !

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    +1 for Separate.

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    Does SQL CE suppots SQL CLR stored procs and functions????

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    \        /

      \    /

        \/     Separate is better...is there a plan to have IISExpress and/or Webmatrix installation files without WebPI?

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    +1 for separate.

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    All should be separate!!

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    sam j

    I'd love to see them IIS Express to be separate from webmatrix - I just presumed it would be this way!

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    +1 for seperate. It should be easy to make this a drop in replacement without other baggage.

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    separate no doubt.. [does anyone actually think bundling them together is was a good idea? Smiley ]

    still they could all be available in the web platform installer so they are kinda bundeled that way..


    also, if i wanna run iis express as a service, for using it on a 2003 server for example, can you do that?

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    Please seperate IIS Express from Web Matrix. We have been using a customized version of Cassini for years as an embedded web server that runs programmaticly on a DVD app.  We would like to embed IIS Express with our application.

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    Not Scott

    vote for separate
    also, will IIS Express run PHP websites/pages?


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    Seperate IIS Express from WebMatrix please.

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    Plan 9 you say? Is Razor from Outer Space?


    Frankly, I don't care if IIS Express is separate from WebMatrix or not provided WM has a fairly small footprint. One (mostly unrelated) thing that irks though - if MS can put effort into syntax highlighting for Razor, why can't they do it for T4? Ooooh, Razor syntax for T4 - now there's a nice-to-have...

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    +1 for Separate

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    Please have IISExpress as a seperate install from WebMatrix Big Smile

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    As if all the comments above aren't enough to seperate, maybe this one helps Smiley

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    Separation would be awesome!

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    [1] When will the first CTP of this VS 2010 feature pack be available? 


    [2] Meanwhile - what can we use to manage SQL CE 4.0 ?

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    If IIS Express is being designed to make our developing lives easier, then I could care less about separating it.  Having to install WebMatrix is no big deal if the roadmap says, "You use this to transition to deployment on IIS".


    However, if the goal here is to create an alternative to IIS for small deployments, perhaps on non-developer boxes like a Server install or even just Win7 Home Premium install or something, then sure, separate it.  I wouldn't want to have to install WebMatrix on a production server.


    But right now, I can't see the roadmap that says "I want IIS Express on a production server."  I can see a roadmap that says, "I want to get a simple web server up now for debugging or for a demo."  And in that case, wouldn't the dev tools be on the box?


    If it's just because you don't like WebMatrix, that's a fine opinion... I just don't care about having to install it.  Heck, it's far more mature than people think and ready to use in many small scenarios.

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    Separate IIS Express

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    IIS Express,yeah

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    Fred Morrison

    +1 for unbundling of IIS Express.  That will make it easier to certify for installation on government-related project machines, including developer machines associated with those types of projects.  Believe it or not, there are some government systems that still haven't certified PowerShell (either V1.0 or V2.0) for installation, so imagine how much harder it will be to try to justify installing IIS Express if it comes with a lot of extra "baggage".

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    You can download IIS Express from here then extract the MSI and just run. So far it seems to be working. Probably I will miss the VS integration piece if I do this way, but will see shortly.
    BTW, the Web Platform Installer showed this url.

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