Hanselminutes on 9 - Social Networking for Developers - Part 1 - Every Developer Needs a Blog

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In this talk, I propose that EVERY developer needs a blog.
In 2009, I presented a talk at Wintellect's Devscovery conference called "Social Networking for Developers." My postulate was that EVERY developer should be using Social Networking, and this talk I gave was my introduction of this idea to a large group. This was the keynote for the conference. I finally got ahold of the source recordings (only guerilla recordings had been available previously) and as even those recordings were popular, so I'm preserving these talks here as a way of encouraging more discussion.
Be sure to watch Part 2 after this one.



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The Discussion

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    Given the topic of this talk. This is not spam Smiley


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    phew, I was beginning to get worried Smiley

    Interesting video

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    www.ckurt.net ! That would be mine Wink


    I really hope I don't have a permalink out there pointing to my as a jerk Tongue Out  If you have a strong oppionion about something, you sometimes come of as a jerk unwillingly.


    PS: the link to part 2 does not work...

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    http://WebServicesUK.com seeing as how you asked ...

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    Its an interesting talk so far.

    My blog is The Madman Scribblings:


    Also I have blog I focusing toward vb.net learners; Vb Peasy Lemon Squeezy


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    I was looking for a reason to blog, now I found one. Thanks. Starting tomorrow...

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    I find this idea intimidating. My blog is strangly personal and I am not sure I would want it to be part of my professional portfolio. Sure there is an amount of vanity in having a blog and hoping that somebody reads it, but I would be embarrassed to think that a potential employer reads my blog.


    Though I suppose that my blog would be more appropritate than my Facebook page...



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    On the They're Their There point 


    There partly contributing through common usage, which could result in it's incorrect  definition  to appear in the dictionary.

    (s.i.c. for humor)

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    Ah heck, why not: https://blogs.msdn.com/ashleyf

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    Quote of the day "I like to Google with Bing". Big Smile


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    A few things Scott has said have roused my attention and are linked;


    Wearing Suits

    In the UK we don't make anything, instead we have fostered an environment for investment banks and the companies that service banking. If you want to earn good money and be involved in mentally demanding projects, there's only one serious option*. I don't know a bank that doesn't block social networking sites, or doesn't enforce suits.


    Employment/Recruitment and Blogs

    In my experience, the banks don't spend much time looking at CVs to look at a blog. In a recent interview with a "billy big potatoes" WPF-on-the-tradefloor consultancy, they complained about candidates that don't research stuff mentioned in interview, and yet when asked, they interviewers hadn't checked my blog and even asked questions that they only knew the answer to because I had highlighted it on MSDN in the comments section.


    Even more importantly, recruitment consultants strip out real names and blog information from our resumés!! The situation is ridiculous and is negative for everyone involved.


    MSDN Comments

    Lastly, I'm amazed how little there is in the comments sections on MSDN. I make a point of going back to the article and adding something to help prevent other humans feeling the excruciating frustration that I went though to make something work. We blog about x and get answers on Stackoverflow to y but why aren't we getting that information put on the documentation? The facility is right there. I think its because MS don't push the rewards system enough and so there's no glory in it.


    Thanks, Luke


    (Scott: great talk as always, keep the humour coming)


    *the UK has a big bio-chem and medical base in Cambridge but they tend to draw from their own universities. Maybe we have formula one automotive engineering or Rolls Royce in Derby but in terms of job abundance, the City of London is the only reasonable go to. (Discuss).

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    welcome to my world: http://i-liger.com

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    My WebSite is CodersEngine

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    Interesting talk, I never really thought about social networking this way.


    Thought I would start trying it by leaving this comment Wink

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    Well, so I'll follow common practice here: http://blog.js-development.com  Wink

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    I am fan of your old talk shows few years back, but when I heard this one, there is sth missing, then I repeat few times, then I understand. you are no longer Hanselman, your own character, you are microsoft man. or say evangnist,  you follow microsoft bible. I think it is life, you need to make money to live  comfortable.

    I am go back to listen your old songs with your old pals, sometime old is better than new, like this case, sorry!!

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    Actually, every "technology evanghelist" needs a blog. Developers can very well live without one.
    Or, to put it another way: those who can, DO. those who can't write a blog teaching others.

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    Thanks everyone, for those visit my both blogs, my name is Carlos from Brazil, actually I have an educative blogs http://www.englishtips-self-taught.blogspot.com and http://www.aventureirosdacaatinga.blogspot.com

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    Thijs Damen

    Made my blog because of this :) (http://thijsdamen.nl). thanks for it! amazing talk

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    Tour guide

    Actually blogs are really interesting social network important this days http://www.englishtips-self-taught.blogspot.com this is my blog.

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    Jacob Hamacher

    This video got me so inspired that a started a blog of my own. http://hamacher.se/ 

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    Tobias Hertkorn

    Let me join the parade: Tobi + C# = T#
    Great talk! I do encourage other people to blog as well, not with too much success - but now I can have a video to point to. Nice one!

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    Tobias Hertkorn

    ... and now I hope the link will actually stay a link:

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    Thanks! it forced me to start: http://koltovich.com/blog

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