Hanselminutes on 9 - Trip Montage - If this is Tuesday, this must be Cairo.

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This last week over a 7 day period, I went to Munich, Cairo and Dubai. I presented in three keynotes and did a total of 10 sessions. I crossed 12 time zones and missed my kids. I talked to/with/at about 3000 people. 

I took some video while I was travelling with my Creative Vado HD and slapped it into Windows Live Movie Maker just now. Here's my trip montage.

You could call this either "The Glamourous Life of a Technical Speaker" or "If this is Tuesday, this must be Cairo" or "Scott needs to learn to say No."




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The Discussion

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    P.S. Thanks to http://blog.bloggingitloud.com/ for the guerilla footage of the TechEdME Keynote.

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    Thanks so much for sharing.  This was a great video.  Love Dubai.  The fish tank and the size of the mall was just amazing.


    Rest up



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    Yeah, loved Dubai too. Great video! Thanks for sharing. What place have you enjoyed mostly?


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    Holy cow, Scott! I think I got jet lag from just watching that Perplexed

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    Great video Scott!

    Hmmm... I always thought you have to switch off any electronic equipment during the landing... Wink

    And yes, it is a glamourous life, isn't it?

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    brave man. Like Erno said you probably violated a few security rules in various airports.

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    Emad Mokhtar

    It's amazing to meet you face to face @Scott, you're funny and decent guy, and as I tweeted you're one of my Ideal/Icon Geeks.

    I hope to see you again, and spend more time with you, I'm sorry I didn't have time at CairoCodeCamp, I was in the team who organizing the event, and the day you see me at DashSoft i was very very tired indeed, sorry again.

    I hope you like Egypt Big Smile


    See you soon,

    Emad Mokhtar

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    Hey I'm in this Video @ 04:30 (the guy in the Dark Green Jacket), COOL !  =)

    BTW for non-arabic speakers who didn't get the hilarious comment @ 05:54 it said:

    "Is the Mariouteya (a place in Cairo) endless ?!! yes, we've been walking in it for a long time !"


    I keep LOLing everytime I think about how weird Cairo seemed to Scott, we're used to that Chaos but he's not =D

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    d00d - stunning images NOT! Wink


    You went to two of the most fun places on earth and managed to make them look boring and industrial!


    I want to see you drinking beer at the Hofbrau Haus in Munchen, enjoying some of the local fare at Filfila's or negotiating for some kitsch in the Khan Khalili, or riding down the Nile in a faluka. I was in Cairo for high school and our track team went to Munich for the Oktoberfest and danced on the tables.


    Let me know next time you go and I'll hook you up.

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    Ion Todirel

    I hate long flights 

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    Hi Scott, Nice video ! What did you use to shoot all those footages?

    When are you visiting India?

    I remember spoting Bhagwad Gita in in your house book shelf in one of the channel9 videos long time back.

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    Very fun video. Thanks for giving us a look into your life on the road. The laughter in Cairo was great and it was very cool seeing you relishing touching down back home and seeing your kids so happy to see you. I loved the aerial video too.


    Two quirky thoughts:

    1: I keep looking at your moving clips and wanting to convert them to image sequences and throw them in Photosynth.

    2: I couldn't stop staring at your beard at the beginning. It was like you were going to take it down to only the goatee, then thought better of it after you started trimming outside of your 'stache. I know that probably crosses some personal boundary but I literally felt like I was stuck in that part of that Austin Powers movie where he's fixated on the guy's mole. OCD, I guess.

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    Very nice work!!!

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    Hey! This video was like "The Blair Witch Project" but with happy ending. 

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    awesome post scott! looks like you enjoyed yourself Big Smile

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    This video is running very slow. I have been trying it since saturday. 

    Please upload it into pieces, if possible.

    Thank You.


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    dr3x - You're kind of missing the point. This isn't glamorous work. This isn't a free vacation and there's rarely time to sight-see. When I'm overseas like this, I'm working and I'm working hard. When my kids are older I'll take them along and I'll take vacation days and I'll see more stuff, but when I'm doing this kind of work (and this is what I was hoping the video conveys) I'm doing it, doing my best, so I can get home ASAP to see my kids. I've skipped seeing lots of World Wonders in order to get an extra day with my kids and I don't regret it for a second.

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    Ulhas, have you tried download the smaller video? Like this: http://ecn.channel9.msdn.com/o9/ch9/1/4/4/4/3/5/HanselminutesOn9TripMontage_ch9.wma and perhaps use a tool like GetRight.com to do it?

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    What happened to turning off all electronics during takeoff and landing? Tongue Out:P

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    I have to agree with the fact that this video is good but not perfect.

    Anyway, I appreciate the hard work put into this. 

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    JP Hellemons

    Hi Scott,
    Nice vid. but the airplane sounded 3 times as loud as the rest haha.
    that quote "If this is Tuesday, this must be Cairo" is going to be a classic!
    best regards,

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    I got to believe that you have several blue with stripes shirts

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