Hot Apps: Custom Tile Maker Pro, Laser Link, Apache Warrior, Aphorisms, Learning Circle

Play Hot Apps: Custom Tile Maker Pro, Laser Link, Apache Warrior, Aphorisms, Learning Circle

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    Great set of Apps this week.

    BTW Know anyone who needs to know about any of the following?


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    This is an increadibly Hot app:

    Gomoku is a challenging strategy board game and is also called Five in a Row. Play Gomoku against your phone:

    • Six cool skins

    • Strongest artificial intelligence engine on the Marketplace

    • Strongest artificial intelligence engine on the Marketplace (under continuous research) • Scalable Artificial Intelliegence Engine with five selectable difficulty modes from very easy to very hard • Play games with your friends in the two player mode • You can play Gomoku in a small 12*17, medium 20*20 and large 30*30 table

    • Scrollable and resizeable tables • Zoom in and out • Undo • Autosave/Autoload game state • Languages supported: English, German, French and Hungarian • Windows Phone 8.0, 7.5 and 7.0 supported!


    Do you need a Flashlight app?


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    Illuminate is an amazing puzzle game that will keep you up for nights! Clicking a bulb, changes its state and also its up, down, left and right surroundings state! Can you switch every light out?
    It comes in two versions, the Lite one and Full Version. Illuminate Lite (Free) has only the first 10 levels to play, thus Illuminate (1,49 Euros) has 50 extreme levels to play, change background feature and of course it’s ad-free!

    Illuminate LITE:
    Illuminate FULL:

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    You showcased "Shut The Box" a while ago, thanks for that. I was wondering if you've played it recently and if so how many achievements you have earned?

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    Tsvetomir Nikolov

    Check the Walk2Help app at

    Walk2Help measures the distance you’ve walked and converts it into virtual points. You can use these points to help a charity cause complete its target. Once the required points are collected the sponsor will fulfill the promised donation.

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    Hi Laura,

    Take a look at my app MapSnap GPS - it allows you to photograph maps and use them for navigation - you just mark your location using the inbuilt GPS, select the scale (or mark another location), and you're good to go! It's perfect for those situations where road maps aren't good enough or you can't download a map.


    Simon McKenzie

    MapSnap GPS screenshot

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    Check out Multiplayer game Beat My Jumble. This should be in featured list.

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    Is there going to be showcase of Windows 8 store apps as well (going forward)

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    Walk2Help is a nice sport/health application. When walking you collect points and you can donate them for social causes. It can be downloaded from

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