Hot Apps: De Blob Revolution, Quadra, Yelp, Designspiration, EndoMondo Sports Tracker

Play Hot Apps: De Blob Revolution, Quadra, Yelp, Designspiration, EndoMondo Sports Tracker

The Discussion

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    My suggestion is that you include links that actually work.

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    Links should work now.


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    How do people capture video of WP7 apps with the yellow circle that shows where your fingers are touching?

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    @dentaku: I do believe they use a WP7 emulator, though don't take my word to the bank or wherever the heck one takes another person's word.

    Oh, and of course they (or in this case "she") likely use(s) some kind of desktop video capturing software. Think FRAPS or something along those lines.

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    @dentaku: Yes, we use an emulator. It gives the best quality capture, plus you don't have to look at my ugly finger  Smiley


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    I'm going to have to check out de Blob... that looks pretty cool.

    And I'd recommend using a different website for the links in the future. has an awfull layout/theme and uses a bunch of flash ads. looks much better and has less advertising. They also cache the images on Amazon S3 instead of hot-linking to the Zune Catalog and have cool features like "Text Me This App" and my personal favorite: QR Codes Tongue Out

    Keep up the great work!

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    Another good show Laura.

    You need to feature the brilliant Twitter app "beezz" as it has Live Tile update AND Toast notifications! Making this do what the official twitter app should.

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    I always have trouble finding hot apps in the WP7 marketplace - including an app I worked on, Popper 2 - unless I'm using the Zune interface. Not handy when I'm on the go.

    Any word on a search feature?

    Blushing Please don't make me bring a big "SEARCH PLZ" sign to hold up during Joe Belfiore's MIX11 keynote. I'd so much rather hold up a "THANKS!" one.

    ps. Laura, sweet gig you got there! Step one: Find cool stuff; Step two: Add FLAME TITLE GRAPHICS. Step three: Share!  *awesome job*

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    Love the show.  Keep up the great work.

    Here's my suggestion for your next show.

    "Send To WP7" - Very Very Very Very Very Very Hot App.

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    My suggestion for next week is a game that is doing amazingly well in most countries in the Action category, "MonsterUp" from There are 4 updates already out there for it, including online scoreboards and lots of cool stuff! It has already been voted best game of January 2011 in and has received some very positive reviews.
    Take a look and include it if you think it's cool (or hot - or both) :-P

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    The Tatoo Tester app would realy be nice to show.

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