Hot Apps: Fresh Paint, The Amazing Spiderman, Temple Run, Despicable Minions, How To Kiss

Play Hot Apps: Fresh Paint, The Amazing Spiderman, Temple Run, Despicable Minions, How To Kiss

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    The new version of Flashlight is out!
    Flashlight is the brigtest, fastest and hottest app on the Windows Phone Marketplace:

    Flashlight is a real survival tool: very useful when:
    - power goes out
    - you are hiking or sailing at night
    - trying to read at night
    - trying to find something in the dark
    - in emergency situations

    What's new in Flashlight 8.1(is for WP8) and 3.8 (is for WP7)?
    - Compass
    - Shake to toggle
    - Runs even when screen turned off (lock screen)
    - Camera button to turn the light on and off
    - SOS mode for emergency situations

    - Battery discharge time (for WP8 phones)
    - Vibrate mode
    - Redesigned settings page
    - Wide tile support

    I hope you will enjoy this version! Wink

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    Mikael Thomsen

    I like the Hot Apps videos. They are quick and presented in a fresh way. Good job.

    If you are going to make a cast about educational apps for kids, please consider including Michael's Math Zoo.


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    I like this app and I downloaded it a few days ago

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    I am happy to announce that "Reiner Knizia's Penguin" has just been published in the Windows Phone Store.
    It is a game based on a card game designed by a famous board and card game designer Reiner Knizia.

    Windows Phone Store link:

    Please consider it for the next "Hot Apps" show.

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    Car Starter is a new Windows Phone 8 dashboard application for the commuter! The app provides you with a large touch-friendly interface which is easy to use while driving. It will make it easy to access what you need without fumbling with your phone.


    • Store 2 frequent destinations, with the press of a button launch a navigation app that will route you to your saved destination(s)
    • Store up to 6 frequently used contacts
    • Play music from an artist or album in your phone's music library using voice commands
    • Buttons to quickly navigate you to WiFi, Cellular or Bluetooth settings menus
    • Program an NFC tag to launch the app

    Windows Phone Store Link:

    App was recently featured on and!

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    Awesome Lock app. AwesomeLock allows users to get the latest news, weather info and monitor your favorite stocks directly on the phone's lock screen. AwesomeLock is a great app to occupy the unused lock screen area with information customized by the user. The information in lock screen is automatically updated every 30 minutes.

    Windows Phone Store: just search for Awesome Lock (for some reason I'm not allowed tempest here the URL..)

    Kind regards


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    Hello Laura,

    Three months passed and no newer Hot Apps?
    I'm waiting for it!


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