Hot Apps: Hydro Thunder GO, DNA Roulette, Easy Animator, Apple Bin, Grandma's Secrets

Play Hot Apps: Hydro Thunder GO, DNA Roulette, Easy Animator, Apple Bin, Grandma's Secrets
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Hot Apps will feature 5 of the hottest apps each week for the Windows Phone 7. In this episode Laura takes a look at:

Please leave suggestions for hot apps that should be featured in the comments section, thanks!



The Discussion

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    Another great show, but .....

    Getting a message with all the links:

    "Sorry, the requested item is not available in your location"

    (Am able to find the items with a Zune search - my location is the UK)

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    Do you mean the links to each app or the video links?


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    Please feature Satalaunch. It's a really awesome concept and extremely addicting!

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    Why is Hyd not part of the link?  LOLz

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    @Laura10:The Apps.

    I'm from canada and I have the same issue.

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    The Clint/Laura hybrid is scary Smiley

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    Another good show. Hyrdo Thunder Go is a great game, I'm loving it.

    And yes, the links don't work for me either. They throw up some region error.

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    @Laura10: Same problem here. I 'm from Belgium and the links don't work because the Apps part of the Zune software is 'not available in my location'. But the windows phone and market place is: . To be honest, It has never worked since the launch of WP7

    So clearly something is fishy.

    BTW: no Ping this week ? Sad

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    C when I click on the apps link, its opens the marketplace, but it does not show the install/buy button at the bottom, most of the time I c myself having to click on one of the screenshots, press the back button, wait for 3secs and then the install button appears.....why?

    Its should be there from the start. I hope you, my dear, understand my point.

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    How can I back up my Windows Phone? I would like to transfer data from my old handset to a new one is this possible?

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    Maddus Mattus
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    How about an app for families vacationing this summer? If they are headed to Disney World, DisneyBot is what they need.

    Check it out - zune://navigate/?phoneAppID=8b11ef5a-8640-e011-854c-00237de2db9e

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