Hot Apps: I love Katamari, Bubble Birds, FishEYE Camera FREE, Cowbell!, Hamsta Rocket

Play Hot Apps: I love Katamari, Bubble Birds, FishEYE Camera FREE, Cowbell!, Hamsta Rocket
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Hot Apps will feature 5 of the hottest apps each week for the Windows Phone 7. In this episode Laura takes a look at:

Please leave suggestions for hot apps that should be featured in the comments section, thanks!



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The Discussion

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    Great Show.  Just wanted to mention "Shut the Box" WP7 Game.  Now you can play the same version of the phone app on the web at  Have fun.

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    Another good show, that Bubble Birds looks great.

    Well I'm going to recommend Beezz twitter app again (maybe you'l lpick it one day) as it's cool and no I have nothing to do with it, I just love it.

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    Thank you Laura Big Smile

    I have Bubble Birds , never have the rainbow bird before, must be new.

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    Fireworks 3.0:

    Well, this is one of the first app featured on the show, but, man, I just recently played it again. It comes with 5 mini games, Spark Samurai, Spark-A-Mole, and Someone Said. Other two are variant mode.

    They are not perfect, the "MOLE GAME" is still be best in its catagory, and Someone Said is not as challanging as Simond Said (because 4 corners is easier to get confused, but, Someone said is harder to cheat), and Spark Samurai is not as fast paced as Fruit Ninja. But, still, this app packs a lot of goodies. 


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    If you like Katamari you should check out which is an HTML5 version. It doesn't work very well in IE9, but it works in Chrome and Firefox. Check out Hot Apps Katamari  Cool

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