Hot Apps: Implode!, Stub Hub, Collapse, Falling Skies, Pro Football Weekly

Play Hot Apps: Implode!, Stub Hub, Collapse, Falling Skies, Pro Football Weekly
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Hot Apps will feature 5 of the hottest apps each week for the Windows Phone 7. In this episode Laura takes a look at:

  • Implode!
  • Stub Hub
  • Collapse
  • Falling Skies
  • Pro Football Weekly

Please leave suggestions for hot apps that should be featured in the comments section, thanks!



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The Discussion

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    Implode is excellent and very addictive, trying for all those A+'s

    Shame you got stuck with Romo! Big Smile ha ha

  • User profile image

    I would be nice to see some Indie Games featured, and not just publicity for the XBox Live titles, which get enough promotion as it is.

    Anyhow Imploed looks quite interesting, even though it is yet another 2D game.   I thought WP7 could do 3D Graphics like the IPhone ?

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    What a great episode of Ping!! -_-

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    Alex Perez

    Hey Laura! Awesome Videos!!! I'm a wp7 developer and you should check out a couple of our apps, we are under the name Neuralnet.
    Love Text
    Theme Park Pro
    Mortal Kombat Tactics

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    @Paul II:thought it weird it was listed as ping, maybe Laura is trialing what it'd be like doing it solo. Though we wouldn't let her replace you.

  • User profile image

    Great Show.

    Laura, it would be cool to have a page that listed all the hot apps you have reviewed, perhaps with a sentence summing them up, video link and a link to the web store maybe?.



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    I sometimes check out Hot Apps, but this girl needs to drink less coffee or something. She moves around too much and it makes it almost unwatchable for me.

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    Another great show! Will definitely be checking out Implode and Collapse. You should definitely try out the new Pocket Party Game, which is basically a charades/pictionary/password game all in one.

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