Hot Apps: IonBallEx, Relaxify, Speed, NightStand Clock, Fastball 2

Play Hot Apps: IonBallEx, Relaxify, Speed, NightStand Clock, Fastball 2
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Hot Apps will feature 5 of the hottest apps each week for the Windows Phone 7. In this episode Laura takes a look at:

  • IonBallEX
  • Relaxify
  • Speed
  • NightStand Clock
  • Fastball 2

Please leave suggestions for hot apps that should be featured in the comments section, thanks!




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The Discussion

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    Hi, any HotApps will be available source code in ? thanks in advanced.

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    I think Foy drank a whole pot of black coffee before doing this shoot... #justsaying

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    I think you should check out "...i'm a WP7!" many people seems to love it based on the reviews, and I just got it today and think it's cool.

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    Where are the other apps from the WP7 App Challenge 2011 in L.A.?


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    Laura you should check out Tap Shot ( by @srpeirce (over on twitter).


    It's pretty good fun.

    Oh and I agree IonBallEx is excellent, didn't initially like the look of it but was hooked after a few games.

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    two useful apps

    "Captain Movie"

    "Gas Up"

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    you should check PONGZ. It has been in the marketplace for some month or so, in FREE or FULL/TRIAL versions


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    Does anyone know of a quality free app that would allow me to send a text to a group instead of having to send the same text ten times? I'm new to texting and wp7! Thanks a bunch.


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    I prefer Tron Clock by Chida like nightstand clock.
    Tron is cool!

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    Piotr Wach

    I think that Translator Pro is pretty useful application :) (I am the creator of the app)

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    Michael Gannotti

    My absolute favorite app right now is PhotoFunia Its free and when I show images made with it friends and family cant believe it was done on my Windows Phone 7

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    stephon carter

    Super Private Conversations should be an app!! I WILL ACTUALLY PAY FOR THAT TO BE AN APP ON MY PHONE!!!

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    Tablet Crunch

    You should also check out the app and <a href="">tablet pc</a> coverage at

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    ik vindt goed

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    Thank you for the translator Pro application, totally awesome



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    ,Codesmith wrote

    I think you should check out "...i'm a WP7!" many people seems to love it based on the reviews, and I just got it today and think it's cool.

    I agree with you Codesmith!

    I have been using this app since its early development and it really is awesome! It keeps getting more and more updates with new features and more unique tools. I really think it should be featured on Hot Apps! The fact that you can see other WP7 users from all around the world, see who is a WP7 Developer, post in forums, participate in surveys, suggest content features, read internet articles surround the WP7 products and features and now with the latest version update, there are even hidden Easter Eggs to find in the app itself! Honestly, I find myself checking it almost every single day to see new updates and get my fix on my WP7! Love it!

    Also, any chance of getting this Podcast available in Canada, please! Big Smile

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    Prudencio Sosa

    HTC phones are real bad and the HTC company doesn't stand behind the warranty. Buyers be aware.

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