Hot Apps: Roll In The Hole, Akinator, Space Tube FREE, Shoot 1UP, Archer

Play Hot Apps: Roll In The Hole, Akinator, Space Tube FREE, Shoot 1UP, Archer

The Discussion

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    Hi Laura! We've finally have a top app published here in Argentina.
    It's a traditional card game (in spanish) and we have the first place in Board Games (

    Best Regards!

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    Are you going to do a show like this for Windows 8 apps?

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    Hi Laura!

    I would be very geatful if you show my app Gomoku in the next session:
    • Easy to use interface
    • Six cool skins
    • Strongest Artificial Intelligence engine on the Marketplace (under continuous research)
    • Scalable Artificial Intelliegence Engine with five selectable difficulty modes from very easy to very hard
    • Play games with your friends in the two player mode
    • You can play Gomoku in a small 12*17, medium 20*20 and large 30*30 table
    • Scrollable and resizeable tables
    • Zoom in and out
    • Undo
    • Autosave/Autoload game state

    My another app Flashlight is also cool and waiting for a hot apps session Smiley

    • Run under lock screen
    • STRONGEST LIGHT on the Windows Phone Store!!
    • Works on nearly all Windows Phone devices
    • FASTEST flashlight application on the marketplace
    • No configuration needed, just start the app and it will lighting using the CAMARA'S LED!
    • No flickering like other applications!
    • You can use the Camera shutter button to turn on and off the light

    Nice to see you are back in Hot Apps!

    I suggest Hot Apps for more often to occur.


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    Hi Laura!

    Check out a game I made: Skijumper

    Classic ski jump game powered by farseer physics engine.

    Same game with some features disabled: Skijumper lite


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    Hi Laura,

    Great show.

    Check out my latest WP app called MyTravelStory - it helps you save, organize and share the best moments from your trips :


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    Check out the application Walk2Help.

    That's the new way to help the world - by walking! When you walk you get point and these points can be donated for some social cause. What you win is: healthy life, reduced CO2 pollutions and thousands of happy people that you helped. It's so easy to make the world a better place.
    Will you join?

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