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    Please review wpDicomVault, the app that allows you to access yours or your family's medical images in your HealthVault account from your Windows Phone.

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    Robs Software

    Laura! You are so awesome! Thanks for reviewing Anything Tracker!

    "OCD persons dream" best way I've ever heard it described... ever.

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    You should check Gomoku:

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    Hey laura,

    Here's a quite cool "educational" app for people who like astrophysics / space in general :

    Has some nice information / images to keep you up to date with discoveries :)

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    Memorina is also good game

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    Hey Laura,
    Please check it:

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    Dangling Neuron

    Air Soccer Fever - First realtime multiplayer game on WP7. 11000 online matches played in just 7 days after release.
    Air Soccer also won the Microsoft Windows 8 First Apps Contest.

    Please check it out.

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    Laura, check out this Hot App!! 

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     Watch Game Trailer


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