Hot Apps: Star Wars Cantina, Paper Toss, TouchStudio, Wordament, Lie Detector

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    How about the "Couphone" app? There are many services out there to send coupons to the phone, but what about the coupons you receive in mail, newspaper, etc. Couphone app helps you take the coupon from the kitchen counter to cash register. Couphone app alerts you of coupon expiration and also of coupons you have stored for stores nearby using the Bing API.
    Plus you can use this app to store all the loyalty cards so you don't need to carry the library card, grocery store card, frequent flyer card, hotel rewards card etc.

    Thanks for your consideration,

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    Please post the links to the download locations of each app in your Hot Apps posts.

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    You should feature Chain Reaction by Lynx Interactive in your next show. It is really simple, but for some reason I can't stop playing it. Strangely addictive. I emailed the dev with a suggestion, and he let me know that he is already working on it! He said an update should come out this week with local leaderboards (my suggestion), another extended game mode, as well as sound and visual improvements.

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    Would be great to see "Infinite Flight" on this show ! It's a Flight Simulator and many ppl would love to see it in action.

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    +1 vote for Chain Reaction by Lynx.  The first time I played it I was thought, "This is stupid."  Before I knew it I had been playing for 30 minutes.  I still play it for probably about 20-30 minutes every day.  Definitely my most played game on my Focus for the past 2 weeks or so.  Good to hear the dev is making improvements especially the local scores thing.

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    Would like to throw a good word in for our latest game, Mars Runner which just came out today and is FREE on the marketplace Wink

    It's a race and dodge style game with great graphics, cool leaderboards, and an alien wearing jean-shorts. Yes, an alien wearing jean-shorts.

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    What is the opening and background music?  Sounds familiar.

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    King Louie

    Currently playing Zombie Circus quite a bit. Nice game with simple yet solid physics game play. Graphics are also very good. I have gotten to a point in the campaign that is a little too hard IMO, but still a good game overall.

    Thought I was the only one geeking out on Chain Reaction. Apparently not. I don't know why, but it is highly etertaining for some reason.

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    Adam Marszal

    Check out the application CardMobili. It is a mobile loyalty service that allows you to tranfer your savings, loyalty, and membership cards to your WP7, and the barcodes can be read from the screen. They are safely stored online so you can't ever lose them. It is a great lifestyle application and the interface is very slick and fun.

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    i wanna get pro evolution soccer game on my HTC touch diamond p3700

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    I love it when one simply stumbles across a well done project it might look to be so simple that at first it looks to be a complete waste of time. Wait,I think I IBut I Love It. Thanks

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    You should check Volcano Island. A sophisticated and a very well crafted strategy game. You rescue the islanders from an island which is being destroyed by its volcano. At the same time, you deal with sharks and octopuses. You get help from airplanes dropping parachutes with lifeboats. And also choppers. Not an easy game, but it's pure fun.

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    Interesting shows, but why is there so much screen real estate for the hostess and random backgrounds, while the tiny little app's you can barely see?  Makes no sense.

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    Michael Harding

    Add the ability to make an appointment with a contact from the contact list. By adding a command in the edit contact area, one could fill ill in the Name, (location [address]) using the main address, and place the phone number next to the contact name. This would be a true time saver. Second, I found WM 6.5 more user friendly them the WM7. Third, tether capability. I miss these items very much and almost want to reactivate my and phone.

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