Hot Apps: TED, SqueakBox, PolyGlot, Cocktail Flow, IloMilo

Play Hot Apps: TED, SqueakBox, PolyGlot, Cocktail Flow, IloMilo

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    Tau Sick

    How about the Magic 7 Ball
    It looks, feels and acts like just another stupid Magic 8 Ball, but the “Magic 7 Ball” has a build in cheat function using the accelerometer.
    You can even turn the cheat-mode on and off by turning the phone upside down. The phone will signal you with a vibration and make it impossible for your friends to repeat your trick.
    But be aware that this ball has an attitude! It can be turned into a slang machine by the flip of a switch.

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    Nice, I'll check that one out!

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    Love the show, keep them coming! It's the only show I ever need to watch.

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    Yep nice and energetic... just what the doctor ordered for morning hours. : )

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    Lazyworm Apps

    Hey Laura, great show!  Definitely will be getting the TED app.
    Shameless plug here... but I think it'll be worth your time checking out our app 'YouTube by Lazyworm".  Some have already suggested it in the previous Hot Apps thread and it's spreading fast so we must have done something right ;)
    It's a free, integrated YouTube client that leverages the metro interface for effortless youtube browsing.  We will be releasing a paid version soon that will also include more personalized features such as comment, favorite, share etc.. in the weeks to come.
    Please note: it requires the YouTube app (from Microsoft) to be installed first but judging from the marketplace I think nearly everyone already has.
    Hope you like it!

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    Nice selection.

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    Hi Laura, great show. I recently released an app called Photo Location which allows users to visualise the geographical location of any photo that is stored on the phone.



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    Suggestion: How about my TWiT app for :)

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    I would definatly second the lazy worm YouTube app its excellent a must have.

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    @Dmitry: I'll be getting the TWIT app as soon as I get my verison WP7 phone.  It's a must have for me.

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