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Hot Apps: Thumba, Netflix, Sound Recorder, MusixMatch, Fake Caller

5 minutes, 3 seconds


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This is a new show that will feature 5 of the hottest apps each week for the Windows Phone 7. In this first episode Laura takes a look at:

  • Photos
  • Productivity
  • Movies
  • Music

Please leave suggestions for cool apps that should be featured in the comments section, thanks!



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    Ooh yeah, a sizzling Laura Smiley a good start so far.

  • googleman81googleman81

    this show needs moar gaems!!1!

  • Thanks Laura, MusixMatch looks like a must have.

  • Gergely OroszGergely Orosz

    Nice video, Laura! Some apps I'd suggest are Pictures Lab (another useful photo editor), Cocktail Flow (probably the most beautiful app I've seen so far), Days Until Christmas, Flixter (movie reviews) and Krashlander (a fun ski like game).

  • Charlie FirpoCharlie Firpo

    The new wp7 looks really great. Having my songs played with lyrics is something no other platform has yet. I wanna try it asap!

  • Eric MalamisuraEric Malamisura

    Well it obviously needs my game! Hanoi! :P

  • DaWolfeyDaWolfey

    The best part is how I can't watch this on my wp7 phone...


    Jacuzzi baby! Games \ Puzzle & Trivia

  • SteveSteve

    would be nice to summarize the prices, most people just go for free.
    Thumba: $0.99
    Sound recorder: $0.99
    Netflix: FREE
    MusixMatch: FREE
    Fake Call: FREE

  • rhmrhm

    That is so HOT!

    Did you record that in one take Laura? What a pro! Smiley

  • Colin HodgeColin Hodge

    FREE Game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LBjw6jeA8s Sir Fuzzy Face (decorate your own pictures of friends with magnetic shavings, like the Wooly Willy toy)
    FREE Trial, $0.99 for extended use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrLyaKh9znc Good Vibrations (personal massager with different speeds / settings)

  • RoyRoy

    Great show, snappy and to the point :)
    A suggestion for an app I thought was cool is Polyglot (http://www.verysoftware.co.uk/polyglot/) its a very nicely designed pocket translator.

  • I'm liking it so far and being able to do that in one long take is quite impressive.

    I'm guessing there are more games coming out soon.

  • Definitely, I was thinking of doing themed shows too- so...the gaming episode, the productivity episode, the fun and useless episode, etc.


  • OK, that's logical.
    OH and don't forget music making apps, that's what I find most interesting.
    Ian who's on these forums is working on some music related stuff.

    , Laura10 wrote

    Definitely, I was thinking of doing themed shows too- so...the gaming episode, the productivity episode, the fun and useless episode, etc.


  • @Steve:

    Summarizing prices sounds like a good idea until you consider that apps can go on sale for a limited time or have a permanent price drops. And I believe that a pay app can go to free too (don't quote me on that). This show needs to focus on the apps themselves and not the monetary component since that's a subjective consideration (One man's expensive is another man's cheap).

  • Apps that should be featured:

    Cocktail Flow

    Wonder Reader

    Photo Caption

    Youtube by LazyWorm

    WeatherBug (good live tile intergration)


    Hopefully there is a Zune/Podcast feed for this soon so I can watch in on my windows phone Wink

  • Super Show !!!!  I dont have a WP7 still I enjoyed it and waiting for the next episode.

    Well done Laura for the Super Hot Cool Show- Hot Apps.

    I have already tweeted many times about this Weekly Show and also blogged about it.

    And Laura looks super cool in her 'Dupatta' , much more like an Indian.

  • Thanks Niner...and silly me just thought it was a scarf Smiley

  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!

    I hope you'll cover my app when I release "FartExtreme2000" Smiley

  • nice!

  • Sleepy Daddy SoftwareSleepyDaddy​Software Family friendly games, utilities, and apps for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.

    If I may recommend my own apps, I have two on the marketplace right now:

    The first is Giggle Pad, a fun/educational game for very young children (around 9 months and up). You tap the screen (or press keys on your phone keyboard, if you have one) for random letters, numbers, or shapes in different colors and the app speaks the letter/number/shape and the color. Or, you can drag your finger across the screen for a colorful fireworks effect accompanied by a song. Giggle Pad also includes a "play phone" mode with a large on-screen keypad that speaks and sings songs when you press the keys. Here is the deep link:


    My second app is a little utility called Pixel Checkup. This app helps you find and track dead pixels on your screen by completely filling it with white, black, red, green, or blue (this makes it easier to see the screen damage). You can also have it slowly cycle through these colors, making it even easier. If you find a dead pixel, you can touch the screen and a colored marker will be placed and saved, so you can check it again later to make sure the damage hasn't spread to adjacent pixels. The trial mode also functions as a free flashlight app when you bring up the white color. This app is also available in French, Spanish, and Italian. Here is the deep link:



  • For those asking about viewing the show on WP7, you definitely can! We are in the process of adding it to the Zune marketplace but you can subscribe manually here.




  • Tau SickTau Sick

    How do you select the apps to show? I have a cool app you might include in your next show:
    It's a Magic 7 Ball - a fortune teller with an attitude and a cool cheat function that will drive your frineds crazy...


    @Laura10: That would be handy, however it seems that the Zune Software only believes the US (and maybe Canada) are allowed to have Podcasts as they don't appear here in the UK Sad

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @IRB: I don't know for sure, since I'm here in the US, but can you still manually subscribe to a podcast feed?

  • tomaptomap Micrsoft Student Partner

    I guess everyone is asking to get ones' app reviewed and how but for the games is it the same process? Do you privilege student apps/games?


    @Duncanma:Yes you can manually add a podcast feed, but you shouldn't have to :/


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