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Hot Apps: Toy Soldiers Booot Camp, Flashlight-X Pro, BuildDown, MealTimer, Puzzle Time

2 minutes, 41 seconds


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Hot Apps will feature 5 of the hottest apps each week for the Windows Phone 7. In this episode Laura takes a look at:

Please leave suggestions for hot apps that should be featured in the comments section, thanks!


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  • I usually don't disagree with you, but Flashlight-X Pro, seriously?!? Save your money and just open an empty browser window.  Perplexed

    CrApp developers should be outlawed. 

  • Flashlight programs can be very worth it, when done well. The do a lot more than just turn your screen white. However, when there's already free versions available that are better...

  • Ian WalkerIan2 In geeks we trust ...

    Wish I had this 20 years ago ...

    "Talk to Girls"

  • I just thought of something when saw Puzzle Time.
    Can you temporarily disable the 3 buttons at the bottom of a WP7 phone?
    A kids game won't be much fun if they keep pressing the back or search buttons.

  • @dentaku:YES!!!!!!!!! I've been wanting something like forever!!!!!!!!!! Anyone know how to do this. please reply!

    @floy Puzzle Time looks like my new fav app! Thanks!!!

  • SimoneSimone

    GravBowl Madness should be featured. 4 and a half stars average rating.

  • AnnieAnnie

    Hey Laura,
    Please check it: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/apps/b448e0d1-0c8a-42e6-b38c-5a28bad3df2c

  • GregGreg

    Great show, like it very much!!!!
    Thanks to @Simone for sharing another great app.
    I will like to share <b>Momorina</b> game, it is free, have nice design and great music, my 5 year old daughter playing it all the time :)
    Here is link http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/apps/30acfb75-d0cc-4a52-9e35-72a4f5a240e6

  • Wojciech Poniatowskiponiat Wojciech Poniatowski

    Hi Laura and everyone!

    Great Show. It's very nice source to find new interesting titles.

    You could also check my unique implementation of Classic Tetris game http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/a3b5f71a-f981-4e60-8048-82b2c9fe6278 (it uses old style 8bit graphics and sounds, and it's controlled by gestures instead of cheap buttons).

  • You must check out Alien Rain: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/a161e34d-2f9f-44c5-8033-76c70ddb5d41

  • Imran ShafiqImran Shafiq

    we just released the first realtime dynamic online multiplayer _ too many words ;) _ WP7 game "Air Soccer Fever". It has 1 player, 2 player, tournament, local WiFi multiplayer, Online internet multiplayer, 4 leaderboards, achievements, 12 exciting soccer fields and much more. Please check it out. http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=3af99ef3-bf10-4a0b-aaa6-3d5a349fae4c

    Details on game, screenshots here: http://danglingneuron.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/air-soccer-fever/

    7 hours since released and 500 online matches already :)

  • Mohit SinghMohit Singh

    Please review my app "The Lie Detector" - more then 160 Ratings globally @ 4 Stars :)


  • Laura, check out this Hot App!! 

     Watch Game Trailer


  • This is an increadibly Hot app:

    Gomoku is a challenging strategy board game and is also called Five in a Row. Play Gomoku against your phone:


    • Six cool skins

    • Strongest artificial intelligence engine on the Marketplace

    • Strongest artificial intelligence engine on the Marketplace (under continuous research) • Scalable Artificial Intelliegence Engine with five selectable difficulty modes from very easy to very hard • Play games with your friends in the two player mode • You can play Gomoku in a small 12*17, medium 20*20 and large 30*30 table

    • Scrollable and resizeable tables • Zoom in and out • Undo • Autosave/Autoload game state • Languages supported: English, German, French and Hungarian • Windows Phone 8.0, 7.5 and 7.0 supported!


    Do you need a Flashlight app?


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