IT Heroes

IT Heroes: Stories from the Trenches; these are the real stories of men and women in IT making a difference everyday. We talk with authors, innovators and implementers about emerging technologies, troubleshooting and remediation of common infrastructure issues and charitable contributions in the community. We seek to educate and provide a forum for open discussion of the uses and specific ways in which people are everyday exploiting technology to create opportunities for themselves and others.
  • IT Heroes Episode XIV: Exchange GM discusses the move to 64x Only in Exchange 12
    14 minutes, 42 seconds
  • IT Heroes Episode XIII: Microsoft and the SBA after Katrina
    19 minutes, 39 seconds
  • IT Heroes Episode XII: Dave Probert Windows Kernel Architect
    22 minutes, 8 seconds
  • IT Heroes Episode XI: Geeks with Blogs Guys discuss podcasting and the future
    23 minutes, 6 seconds
  • IT Heroes Episode X: Geeks With Blogs Part I
    22 minutes, 14 seconds
  • IT Heroes Episode IX: Intercosmos Media Kept their Data Center Up through the entire Katrina Disater
    21 minutes, 22 seconds
  • IT Heroes Episode VIII: Intercosmos Media Kept their Data Center Up through the entire Katrina Disat
    20 minutes, 34 seconds
  • IT Heroes Episode VII: Forest to Forest Trusts and Win2k3 SP1 on Exchange
    20 minutes, 40 seconds
  • IT Heroes Episode VI: Exchange and DNS, Active Directory and Disaster Recovery
    20 minutes, 12 seconds
  • IT Heroes Episode V: Part 1 of 2 with Exchange Expert Ben Serebin
    20 minutes, 40 seconds