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IT Heroes! Stories from the Trenches

Today marks one of the most anticipated product launches in Microsoft history. Today we launch SQL 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 and revolutionize the database world and the developer world.

In keeping with that theme here is a 20 minute interview with Bill Zack, one of the co-authors of Programming SQL 2005 due out from MS Press early 2006. We spend the first five minutes discussing Bill's many other projects including his software architects User Group in Manhattan and get into a discussion of SQL 2005 at about the 4:45 mark. Update and point of clarification: This interview was recorded about 45 days prior to launch and includes mention of database mirroring. This feature, though included in SQL 2005 RTM, is not currently supported by Microsoft Product Support Services. See;en-us;907741 .

This interview is the first (or at least the first published) in a new podcast series: IT Heroes: Stories from the Trenches, these are the real stories of men and women in IT making a difference everyday. We talk with authors, innovators and implementers about emerging technologies, troubleshooting and remediation of common infrastructure issues and charitable contributions in the community.  We seek to educate and provide a forum for open discussion of the many uses for and specific ways in which people are everyday exploiting technology to create opportunities for themselves and others.

Though I am hosting the show getting it together was a real team effort. I want to particularly thank Keith Combs, without whom this interview would still be sitting on a file server. Also, Joe Stagner, Matt Hester, Steve Alley and Stacey Copeland for their insight and support.

New episodes will posted here at my blog each Monday before noon EST. I hope you'll join us.


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