IT Heroes Episode XIV: Exchange GM discusses the move to 64x Only in Exchange 12

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The Discussion

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    we can not download wax files to the ipod.  Can you stop putting these files up.  Why not go with wma or mp3?


    Robbie Huttenhower
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    Robbie, I appreciate your frustration and can assure you we are close to implementing a solution. The files are actually in wma and mp3 format, but you can't download them because they sit on a streaming media server--that's the only place I've had to put them until now. However, we now have a download location that is just about ready to go, so look for new episodes of IT Heroes (downloadable) coming soon! Thank you everyone for your support and patience as we ramp this project up. MJMurphy
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    The files are downloaded. However,  download errors occur, the file type is blocked.

    The message that is shown in IE7 Beta3 is this:

    (Download error - Blocked file type)

    Is there any way to work around this?


    Kenji Yamamoto, a Japanese MVP

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    Is it possible to have this episode posted in .mp3 format?Cool
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    TechEd wrote:
    Is it possible to have this episode posted in .mp3 format?

    Click on the Download MP3 button...

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