Announcing Microsoft’s U-Prove Community Technical Preview (CTP)

Play Announcing Microsoft’s U-Prove Community Technical Preview (CTP)

The Discussion

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    This looks excellent! Look forward to taking this for a spin. Smiley

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    An e-commerce transaction is not completed until the actual merchandise has been shipped. However to get the goods to be shipped people are forced to disclose their real addresses to online venders. Here’s my two cents – an anonymous shipping system. Basically a user will pick one trusted carrier such as UPS and get a token that represents her address. Then when she’s purchasing online, she’ll give the token to the vender instead of a real shipping address. The vender can call to UPS service to validate the token and get shipping cost estimation (or the token can have zip code in it for cost estimation), but the vender never knows where the product is shipped to. The token can be static or dynamic – user can apply new tokens any time. I’m not sure if U-Prove consider the scenario like this?

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