Chuck Reeves deep diving into the structure and design of Geneva Framework beta 2

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Chuck Reeves is the Principal Development Lead for Geneva Framework, and has been involved in the development of federated identity products from the very start. In this chat & whiteboarding session Vittorio interviews Chuck about what makes the Geneva Framework tick: the claim programming model, the request processing pipeline, the difference in hosting environments such as ASP.NET and WCF, the new authorization hooks… all explained with great attention to the design rationales which lead to the implementation decisions and the feature set you find in the beta 2 release of the Geneva Framework. Enjoy the deep dive!

URL references:
“Geneva” Forum on MSDN
"Geneva" Team Blog
Microsoft code name "Geneva" 
The Identity key topic on Channel 9



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The Discussion

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    Hey Chuck how's the baseball season going?  Throw any no hitters?  This is Juan... (you interviewed me June 2008)  Great work!

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    Denise Rogan

    Nice article in there, I will suggest this product to my boss and hope it won't fail me.

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