Donovan Follette on making the shift from ADFS v1 to Geneva Server

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In this week’s episode of the ID Element Vittorio interviews Donovan Follette… as the guest!

Donovan is a senior technical evangelist and a host for this very show: he worked on identity since he joined Microsoft in 2005, and is a well known expert in the ADFS community. In this episode Vittorio talks with Donovan about the relationship between ADFS and Geneva Server: Donovan explains in details how to map the old terminology to the new concepts introduced in Geneva, focusing on differences and similarities in the two approaches, and in general equipping today’s  ADFS expert with everything he or she needs for hitting the ground running with Geneva Server.


URL references:

Jan Alexander on the claims tranformation language in Geneva Server Beta 2
“Geneva” Forum on MSDN
"Geneva" Team Blog
Microsoft code name "Geneva" 
The Identity key topic on Channel 9



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The Discussion

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    To the end you mentioned that the  AD attributes gets transformed into claims using script/rule engine.


    Can those transformmed attribute be used by end client application for authZ decision?

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    great interview. hope you can bring more interviews like this one.  

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    My Sundays are spent watching informative videos like this. Great job!

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