Geneva Server, Windows CardSpace Geneva, Information Cards and PHP Interoperability

Play Geneva Server, Windows CardSpace Geneva, Information Cards and PHP Interoperability
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In this episode Donovan sits down with the Intand President, Bryan Otis, and CIO, Scott Otis, along with Vijay Rajagopalan, Principal Architect, Microsoft Interoperability Strategy, to drill into how Intand enabled their PHP application to support information cards. This prototype project, for the Lake Washington School District, was based upon the use of Microsoft code name Geneva Server, Windows CardSpace Geneva and Intand’s PHP application using the Zend Framework’s information card support  for interoperability. This project was also featured in a video during the Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft, keynote address at the April, 2009 RSA Conference.

URL references:
“Geneva” Forum on MSDN
"Geneva" Team Blog
Microsoft code name "Geneva" 
The Identity key topic on Channel 9
Zend Download for Information Card Support



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The Discussion

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    Bryan Otis

    This was a ton of fun! Thanks for having us!


    Bryan Otis

    President / Co-Founder

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    Scott Otis

    I want to ditto Bryan's comments - thanks!  This has been a great project to work on and we applaud Microsoft for building their "Geneva" server and framework on open standards.  With the investment Microsoft has made in this space we believe the goal of wide-spread, easy-to-use single sign on / federated identity and claims-based access will finally be reached.  We are excited!

    Scott Otis

    CIO / Co-Founder

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