Introducing the New Features of the August Labs Release of the Access Control Service

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Join Justin Smith, Program Manager on the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service (ACS) team, on a whirlwind tour of the new features of today's Labs release of ACS. Just to whet your appetite, here's a list of some of the news touched on in this video:

  • Support for identity providers such as Facebook, Windows Live ID, Google, Yahoo, OpenID providers, and ADFS 2 instances
  • Support for a wide range of protocols: WS-Federation, WS-Trust, Oauth WRAP
  • Seamless integration with Windows Identity Foundation
  • Brand new management portal and OData-based management API
  • Tools for helping developers embed identity providers selection UI in their applications

What are you waiting for? Tune in!

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The Discussion

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    You really gotta be kiddin seems like i m still dreaming. These features are exactly what I required and I was messed for 4 weeks now and POP!!! Microsoft as always and yet again came out as a LIFE SAVER with all those super exciting features. Good going  guys!

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    Thank you for abstracting away the complexity here. This is a pattern we need to see more of! Well done.




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    Rasika Sherman

    Nice introduction, however when I try to use ACS with sample MVC application I've found couple of issues, not sure those are my mistakes or something to do with ACS itself.


    First one is when I use multiple providers for ex: Live ID and Google, when the MVC application is directed to ACS login page instead of presenting the login page as shown in the video I've got following error page


    Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.

    HTTP Error Code:



    ID2010: The request scope 'http://vinjaya:63000' is not valid or is unsupported.

    Trace ID:



    However when I try just with the Live ID as only provider then it works fine.

    Then I try to remove Live ID from my provider list by keeping the just the Google. then I've got this error.


    Sorry, an unexpected error occurred while processing your request.

    What would you like to do?

    Go back to the previous page

    Show more information about the error

    Go back to the previous page

    Show more information about the error

    HTTP Error Code:



    Not Authorized: Attempt to update ReadOnly object

    Trace ID:



    Does this mean we must use Live Id or am I doing something wrong here?


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    when i trying to integrate sharepoint 2010 with azure acs v2 after getting identity provider click like google,windows id  it shows 500 internal server error

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    Northern Ontario Cottage rentals

    Gotta love that instant gratification! The free part is always a big bonus.  I'm still getting an error message, though, so will have to see what is inaccurate before the instant gratification kicks in.

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