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    Glad to hear that CardSpace v2 is going to be streamlined, the user experience for v1 was extremely jarring and complicated. IMHO using an InfoCard has to be easier than entering a UserName and Password before it will get widespread adoption on the web. Last year I attempted to implement an STS with WCF, only to throw my hands up in disgust and build my own simple authentication protocol in the end. (which i'm sure I got wrong in one way or another). I'm glad that Geneva will be making life a lot simpler in that respect too.

    I'd like to hear feedback on whether anyone thinks these protocols will get widespread adoption in the web arena, considering OAuth being a simpler (and somewhat flawed) model, seems to be getter more adoption by websites?
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    Does anyone have examples of any sites/services that use CardSpace v1?

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    stevo_ uses it as an option to logging in.. thats all i've ever seen.
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    The problem is that cardspace (the client side part), is vista or Win7 only.  No public website is going to ever use this without cross OS support.

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    CardSpace is part of .NET 3.x and runs on XP in addition to Vista and Windows 7.
    Moreover, there are several Information Card selector implementations for other platforms that are the equivalents of CardSpace on Windows. CardSpace is just Microsoft's brand name for their specific implementation.
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    HI Ruchi. Wonderful article.

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