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When it comes to identity management intensive applications, it's hard to top Sharepoint. Whether you are signing in a portal, accessing a document or using a webpart for reaching out to external web services, your identity is going to be the factor that drives it all.
Vittorio went to visit Venky Veeraraghavan, Program Manager Lead in the Sharepoint team, to discuss how Sharepoint deals with identity challenges. Venky gives a fantastic explanation of how claims-based identity and Windows Identity Foundation helped the Sharepoint team to deliver on the identity functionalities they needed without getting entangled in low level details such as protocol handling.
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The Discussion

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    Hey Now Vittorio,


    Great Vid!


    Thx 4 the info,



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               Absolutely loved this session..Valuable insight from solution point of view. Expecting more from you on this topic.



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    Is this a way to connect to SQL server analysis services with Claims-Based Identity from SharePoint 2010 excel services?  

    What needs to be configured to make SharePoint 2010 excel services refresh data from a cube?

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    SQL Server and SQL Analysis Services currently don't support Claims based Identity as an authentication method at this time.


    For connecting to SQL (from Excel Services, for example), SP2010 will convert a claims token to a Windows token through the Claims-to-Windows Token Service. Note, this will only work when the user presented a Windows token at login. We cannot convert a arbitrary SAML-Token into a Windows-token Smiley

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    Thanks for the kind words! You can learn more about Identity in SharePoint 2010 at and @SPIdentity on Twitter. Let us what you want to hear about..

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    Thanks, very useful!


    I have plugged in my custom membership provider into STS. Another application (CRM) needs access a SP document library.

    What would be implementation steps to get the user authenticated and serve the documents the user has access to?


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