U-Prove CTP: A Developer’s Perspective

Play U-Prove CTP: A Developer’s Perspective

The Discussion

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    Is the client configured to also be a relying party? For example, perhaps I would like to receive a certificate containing an email addr or sip uri and cryptographic key, so as to initiate secured email or voip communication. Or, perhaps I would like to receive money from a friend, which I might then use to pass on to some other relying party (without going through a bank).

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    The video refers to our first U-Prove CTP, where the CardSpace client was used to retrieve and present U-Prove tokens (it was not acting as a relying party). Note that we recently released an update to the CTP, using the same architecture model but with a different client implementation. Details can be found on https://www.microsoft.com/u-prove. I also encourage you to take a look at the white paper for more information.

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