WIF Workshop 5: Lab about Web Sites and STS

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The second lab of the workshop explores some of the patterns discussed in the former section. One lab demonstrates how a generic web site can be enhanced with identity provider capabilities regardless of the authentication technology it uses, simply by adding an STS page.
Another lab shows how to use an existing membership store for authenticating calls to a custom STS and sourcing claim values.



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The Discussion

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    Hi, Vittorio Bertocci

    Nice video. or may best available resource to learn WIF.


    I am facing couple of problems, if you can help I am very greatful


    I am facing problem in configuring ADFS 2.0, is there any guide to configure it and join with WIF, I have tried bing it but still not lucky enough.


    Is it possible to check identity in sql server database or have to rely on ADFS only? Means what if I have to custumize login, and want to use SAML token. It is possible wit ADFS but I am unable to change path which is leading to /adfs/ls default login page of adfs.


    Thanks in Advance,


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