Imagine Cup TV Episode 21: Top of the Space Needle

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The 2014 Imagine Cup World Finals are coming to Seattle in July. Golnaz and John are standing at the very top of Seattle's iconic Space Needle, despite Golnaz's famous fear of heights -- but why? Find out!



The Discussion

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    Scary shizz guys, hope you signed a waiver I'd hate the financial stability of the space needle to be compromised by John falling through that giant hole he's in front of.

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    Jose Cardenas

    Wow the very top of the space needle and on a nice day, you guys are so luck, how can I get such VIP treatment?

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    FAKE! If you compare frames 1:10 and 1:11 they are most definitely not the same photo.

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    @briankel: A lot can happen in 1 second Brian!

    @Jose Cardenas: We were really lucky that day! That whole week it was pouring rain in Seattle. Winning the Imagine Cup World Wide finals out of thousands of students is one way to get this VIP treatment ;)

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