Creating Browser Enabled Forms With InfoPath 2007

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Create and publish browser-enabled forms with InfoPath 2007 and Forms Services in Office SharePoint Server 2007.



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The Discussion

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    Is there any way that I can use this feature with Sharepoint Server 2003.....I have a use for these type of forms, but I need them to be browser based, without having to do alot of coding.

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    This is Very Good!
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    GREAT video. As a once again new user to INFO Path this provided me an excellent starting point.

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    This is Very Good Video. I tried working on Info using this Video it worked very well. There are few issues....

    1. I am not able to save the form with "Anonymous user".
    2. Save button is not showing with Anonymous user.
    3. After Submiting the form the values are showing  , I wann  
        the form to be blank afer submiting and a alert message also.

    Is there any solution for this issue.

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    This was an awsome video. I had no clue on how to use and intergrate InfoPath with MOSS 2007. Now I can go and create forms all over the place.

    One question I have is, is there any kind of reporting that can be done on the form's data? Meaning, I want to create a status report and do a report on the status of each of the items on the form.

    Anyway, it was a great video.Cool
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    This was a very helpful video.  Following it I built a nice change management form & tied it to a MOSS 2007 approval workflow.  (When a new form gets created, it automatically kicks off the workflow.)  So now the VP is thrilled, and she would like to know if I can make a button right on the form and attach code that will mark the associated MOSS workflow task approved / completed, so that it is not necessary to do the extra step of manually calling up the workflow task and mark it approved.

    Can this be done very easily?

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    Did you find a reporting solution?
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    I have a reporting solution where you can aggregate across multiple forms.

    You can contact me here

    Clay Fox / Microsoft InfoPath MVP
    Qdabra® Software / Streamline data gathering to turn process into knowledge
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    Excellent video.  I was able to follow the instruction with ease!


    Thank you!

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    Good and informative tutorial! Good reference for not so familiar users! Thanks!

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    pratibha sharma

    Excellent Video......
    Many Thanks

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    Can you please upload this video again, I can't view it.
    Thank you

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