Creating WSS 3.0 Workflows with Visual Studio 2005

Play Creating WSS 3.0 Workflows with Visual Studio 2005

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    This was a great screencast.  Most screencasts just give a flavor but this one included the important, annoying details that others leave out (like how to find necessary installed files, differences between Beta editions, how to overcome Beta shortcomings, etc).  Four stars! (or five, if you like to count out of five).  Thanks, and I look forward to the future screencasts you mentioned about other feature and activity libraries, and association and initialization forms.
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    I really appreciated this walkthrough, as a non-developer it gave me some good insite to what can be done in the upcoming versions of SharePoint and workflows.  This kind of demo definelty makes me want to learn more about coding with SharePoint.  Thanks again!Smiley
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    Ted, Great stuff.

    I have created a custom workflow using your screencast.I  could see this new workflow in my sharepoint's site collection features. But, Whenever I try to add a workflow to a document library, i got an error message like "Value does not fall within expected range". Could you please help me to rectify this?

    Also, in this screencast you have assured you would give another screencast for workflow using initiation and association form using Infopath.If you have already created, please give me the link.

    Thanks for your Work.

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    Good introduction!!!
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    Excellent! This is the most straightforward discussion I've seen yet about how to use workflows with WSS 3.0.

    Much of the material I've seen on this topic assumes that MOSS is installed, so it is refreshing to see that is not the case here.
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    Great show, I just need a way to be able to watch and take notes and screen captures all at the same time; or a way to stop the show so I can write my notes. Cool
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    I am trying to follow along with the show and am getting the following errors when I use VB i get

    correlationtoken1.OwnerActivityName = "Workflow1"

    When I use C# i Get

    this.onWorkflowActivated1.SetBinding(Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions.OnWorkflowActivated.WorkflowIdProperty, ((System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityBind)(activitybind1)));

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting this corrected.

     I am unable to move forward until this is corrected.

    Thanks  TLG  Cool

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    Very Informative and basics are very well covered. Thanks.

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