Extending the Office 2007 UI with a Custom Ribbon

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    Hello doncho,

    thanks for this excellent show !

    in the last 2 years I did some Office XP Add-Ins with C# and SDK 1.1. I wondered that there always the missing - statement for missing params is needed Smiley

    Anyway, what is excellent of course is the visibility of an C# Com-AddIn in the Add-In dialog. That's pretty cool, because in Word XP it doesn't appear there. 

    Next I want to know why I've to compile the code only when changing entries in the XML ribbon file ? Think of generic programming where the entries came from a database based on a user role model. Or otherwise how can I change the props of the ribbon entries at runtime ?

    Thanks for your efforts !
    Munich, Germany

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    i have a question. if i need to assign a custom image for the buttons in the ribbon, how do i do it?

    you can reply to this id: bmurthy@microsoft.com

    Thanks & Regards

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