Generating Office Documents using the New Open XML File Formats

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Office 2007 provides new integration opportunities with the Open XML File Format which make it possible to generate, read and modify Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents without going through the object model of the hosting Office application. This tutorial steps through how to use the WinFX Packaging API to generate a Word 2007 docx file from scratch.


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The Discussion

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    You guys are doing a great job, but I gotta ask: why does every Microsoft speaker say "Let's go ahead and..." at the start of EVERY sentence? Is is some kind of corporate policy? A side effect from the implant?

    Please continue the screencasts, they are excellent... but please cut down on the going ahead...

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    bernierh wrote:
    why does every Microsoft speaker say "Let's go ahead and..." at the start of EVERY sentence?

    Yeah, what is UP with that? Cut it out.  I think it was Scott Guthrie (who I continue to learn a LOT  from) who started the trend.  It's even worse than "At the end of the day...." Wink

    So now I'm gonna go ahead and....
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    I have to admit that the "Let's go ahead and..." is particularly annoying.  Kudo's for keeping the "uhm, uhh, err" quotient down but really, can you perhaps sub in a few "at this point I'm going to...", "this area here details..." or even a "when you click here..." would be good.  Mix it up a little.  If God didn't want us to use all the words he wouldn't have given us such a big dictionary.

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    Interesting but a bit too fast.  I'm old!
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    Anything new in Orcas?

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