Introducing the Business Data Catalog (BDC)

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In this screencast we show you how to access back-end systems using the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) Business Data Catalog. 



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The Discussion

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    the video file is missing ......
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    Where can we go to get more information on the BDC? I have a simple SQL database that I am wanting to use as a source for user profiles, but there is so little information on the BDC that it is rather frustrating.

    This is a great walkthrough, but the details are missing. How about some screencasts just on an entitiy... or just on authentication.
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    I've been working on an application with a couple of colleagues called BDC Meta Man. The aim is to help people write the application definition files. There's a free version, and a commercial version available. Hope it is of use

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    Anil Chandra

    Hi Ted,

    I had been a great follower of your videos and had been following all the videos as I can find plethora of information which I can implement in my day to day activities but off late I haven’t found any new videos from you, in case you have uploaded any new videos can you let me know the content and where can I find them?


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    Hi Ted,

    Not sure if this post is still active.

    I saw your video. It's amazing.

    I have a requirement to pull some common information thru BDC (like you've demonstrated) and then add more information to it and finally save the list.

    Can we add more columns to the query results and add more data?

    Thanks in advance
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    Ramprasad N

    Here is the step by step walkthrough of your first BDC sample..


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    Ramprasad N

    Here is the step by step walkthrough of your first BDC example..

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    I am adding Businessdatalistwebpart using c# code. I would also like to Edit view using Code.. I don't want to allow user to change criteria and I want to provide filter value using code.

    Do you know how to edit view using Code?

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