Use data sharing to connect your public and private Office Live web sites

Play Use data sharing to connect your public and private Office Live web sites
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Chris Beiter, Developer Platform PM for Office Live, shows how to use Data Sharing to connect your public Office Live web site to your secure private Office Live site. 

Data Sharing 
allows you to automate collection or publishing of data from and to your web site.  Once the data is in a list, you can use workflow, views, and Office client integration.


In the screencast, you'll see how to use the data capture web part to capture "leads" from the public web site and update a new Web Leads area in the Business Contact Manager (BCM).  This triggers a workflow to e-mail to a business manager to qualify it.  This person can then initiate another workflow to move the lead to the BCM contacts list.

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The Discussion

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    Hey Don, thanks for posting this. Sorry about the poor audio quality.  I had a cheapo microphone when I recorded this.

    This is a v1 feature.  I'd even go so far as to call it a beta feature.  We're currently in the process of planning improvements.  If you try it out and have suggestions, please let me know.  You can contact me from my blog.

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