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In this Office Live screencast, Albert Shen shows you how to use SharePoint Designer 2007 to build powerful views of your business data, and integrate them into your Office Live Business Applications.


The Data form web part can consume data from various data sources including SharePoint lists, SharePoint libraries, server side scripts, RSS feeds, XML files, databases, web services, or an aggregation of these sources.


Using ASP.NET 2.0 data source controls, the data form web part retrieves data as an XML document, and then uses XSLT to transform the data for the browser. 


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The Discussion

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    One of the best infocasts about office live. Thanks for this. Keep up the good work!Big Smile
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    Thanks RicP.  What other Office Live topics would you like to see covered?  Let us know and we'll make it happen.
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    Hi Doncho,

       Is it possible to create/implement web services in office live? Also, can i publish those web services so that other sites can use them (with proper authentication)?

    Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon. Smiley


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    Hi RicP,

    Well, you can access Office Live web services, but not create your own.  Click here for a list of the Web Services that Office Live provides. 

    The endpoint or URL of the web service depends what Office Live bizapp or workspace you are trying to connect to.  Just navigate to the Bizapp in question and look at the URL in the browser.  Copy and paste the root of the URL and tack on the web service portion at the end.

    Each Bizapp is it’s own subweb, so most of the URLs in question will look something like this:

    https://<yourdomain><subweb name>/_ vti_bin/Service_Name.asmx

    You can also access external web services using the Data View web part, as Albert shows in the screencast.

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    Your presentation was exactly what Ineeded. I had one question. How could I get a total footer for the Cost calculated column in the data part as you presented it in the screencast. I would need this to know the total on order amount for the supplier.

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