Autodesk, SQL Server 2008, and Spatial Data

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We recently sat down with Peter Rieks, who is the product manager for Autodesk’s Geospatial products.  Autodesk is a global ISV known for design technology, allowing their customers to visualize, simulate, and analyze designs.  While you may know them by their flagship product, AutoCAD, they provide leadership in manufacturing, media and entertainment, and architecture/engineering/construction markets.  It’s fascinating to find out how they have created a constructive platform to utilize spatial data in an open environment that impacts how people design buildings, roads, and physical infrastructure.   Autodesk’s main theme is “See it Before it’s Real,” and you’ll glimpse how they are delivering that vision, and the impact of SQL Server 2008 in this market.


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The Discussion

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    Oh wow, that was really interesting.. especially towards the end, the real world demos illustrated amazing functionality.
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    my limit of knowledge in GIS is a course back in high school, maybe i am missing something, but i don't see anything "new" and "cool" from then (~10 years) in this demo...

    it is a cool field, but it seems more data-limited than anything else

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