British Telecom's .NET Mobile SDK - Making it simple to code communication

Play British Telecom's .NET Mobile SDK - Making it simple to code communication

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    Nice presentation,
    Why both Nigel  and Robbie have their shirt made of a curtain ?


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    Awsome Robbie and Nigel! Big congrats! Nice to see that incmoming SMS is becomming a part of the SDK. Keep up the good work, and good luck on the v1.0 release.

    On the curtain shirts, it's an Hawaii shirt, the official "uniform" of the SDK team. They all weared them on the Beta launch at TechEd Europe in November.

    Best regards,
    Jonas Follesø
    Team Norway (Imagine Cup)

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    I guess the shirts are some kind of viral marketing approach. They do show somewhat dubious taste!

    Regardless of the fashion sense, these guys seem to have some cool stuff. Their site shows that they now have PHP, Python, and Java SDKs out there.

    I'm looking forward to new features. And I wonder when they are gonna get their first release out the door? Till then it's a bit of a science fair project.
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    Robbie C

    Hey, great post (if I do say so myself). 

    Jonas, since you guys played with the SDK at the Accelerator, we've had another release with added features.  We're expecting another release sometime in April, so keep watching


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    Me thinks it’s bad when talk of such an SDK puts thoughts into my head such as "England wouldn’t be a totally bad place to live for a time."

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