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Citrix - Understanding Machine Virtualization

30 minutes, 31 seconds


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Citrix is all about virtualization. They have a suite of tools that enable IT departments to virtualize almost everything. Citrix is a Microsoft Certified Partner and, to some extent, a competitor. How does this Partner Competitor relationship work? Microsoft is very interested in virtualization technologies and with the advent of our hypervisor technology, HyperV, and application virtualization software, SoftGrid, you can bet that we'll compete hard with other virtualization vendors.

Here, we meet Simon Crosby, formerly CTO of XenSource now working as the CTO of Citrix Systems (NSDQ: CTXS)' virtualization and management division(Citrix purchased XenSource). We discuss the relationship between Microsoft and Citrix, the complexities of building scalable, sercure, reliable and performant virtualization technologies and the future of virtualization. It's a very interesting conversation and Simon is quite the conversationalist. Enjoy.


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  • William Staceystaceyw Before C# there was darkness...
    Extremely enjoyable and informative conversation. Thank you Simon and Charles.
  • William Staceystaceyw Before C# there was darkness...
    1) It seems year around cold climates would solve the cooling issue in a green way - just need to fan in the cold air.  Anyone doing this yet on scale?

    2) Having VMs jump around is a good idea and would seem to be the future for hosting apps - host a vm, not just the app.  I see that only issue here being the IP mapping to DNS name(s).  What is the thought on dynamic mapping here?  tia
  • Charles, your interviews are kind of cheesy.

    I mean, right at the beginining of this interview you seem so laid back and not even looking at Simon.  Plus, the angle of the camera shows your knee and the big cup in the way.  What the heck?

    Also, I dislike your constant "Lets talk abot this.." or "Tell us about..."  

    Otherwise, interview was nice.
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Thanks for the feedback. Let's talk about this Smiley
  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw
    i have to say, in charlses defence, he is always laid back in the interview, its not something he fakes Smiley (unless he does it in every video ive ever seen (and ive seen quite a few) and is a very good actor)
    i like the laid back-ness and i think thats what makes c9 unique Smiley

    i do agree that chales does say "lets talk about.." and "tell us about.." alot, but personally, its never botherd me Smiley

    the guys at c9 are always looking for feedback so dont take this the wrong way Smiley just posting my 2c Smiley
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Thanks. Indeed, feedback is crucial. Given how much of your time is required to watch one of my interviews, I certainly owe it to you to make sure your time is not wasted. I have a very thick skin. Feel free to be as brutally honest as you want. Just be respectful! Smiley

    Keep on posting,
  • The discussion is indeed very informative.

    One odd thing - What's with the RED GLASS and the guy scratching his leg all the time.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Bad camera angles... I'll take the blame for that since I could have had the camera crew set up the shoot differently. Alas, I am not much of a set producer. I just like to have conversations... We will get this right as we use the studio more. Next time, there will be no hands and legs in front view.

    Please keep the feedback coming.

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