Danny Kim: On FullArmor and Partnering with Microsoft

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When FullArmor took up residence in the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center, their relationship with Microsoft rose to a whole new level. 

This is a candid interview with FullArmor CTO and founding partner, Danny Kim, as he discusses Group Policy security software, how FullArmor partners with Microsoft beyond the norm, and what insights Danny has for other ISVs who are making their best efforts to work with Microsoft, and perhaps not generating the inroads they’d like to be seeing. Danny’s conversation with us highlights several inventive ways to take your relationship to the next level.

FullArmor is the first company to create and deploy altruistic viruses as a means of securing systems. Very interesting indeed!


Low res download file.

Check out the Microsoft ISV site for more information related to partnering with Microsoft.



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The Discussion

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    If this is a new series then I'm excited to see more shows. Danny gave great insights into the partner program, and Charles you asked great questions.

    I'd love to see a tour of building 25 and learn more about what he was talking about with how large customers get to see what great solutions are out there that are based on the microsoft platform.

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    What is this guy smoking, coz it should be really good. He is talking 100% bull crap !!!!!Why should I push Group Policies to my mom's computer ??

    And whats up with "1 day you be CEO and I be CTO..." ???? Living in NT4 days is not relevent.

    Looks like this clip was wrongly filed, should be under channel9.comedycentral.com

    You are full of S#%$%%

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