OSIsoft: Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics - The Power of PI, The Demo

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Global carbon regulation is arguably the largest risk and opportunity most corporations will face in the beginning of the 21st century. It has been estimated that turnover in the global carbon marketplace could exceed a trillion dollars in the next five to ten years. Voluntary and mandatory reporting protocols are emerging. How can an organization know its true carbon footprint and exposure? What options are available to manage corporate carbon risk? What impact can energy efficiency programs have on reducing a corporation’s carbon footprint? Read whitepaper

OSIsoft’s real-time monitoring solutions help companies improve the overall energy efficiency of their organization while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint. In fact, Microsoft uses OSIsoft PI infrastructure for their Data Center Energy management. Also at a recent, OSIsoft user group meeting, Kodak presented on how they were able conserve energy and reduce their operational costs by using OSIsoft software.

Several case studies exist on OSIsoft’s website which can be viewed at http://www.osisoft.com/Resources/Case%20Studies

Here, we get a demo of PI in action!

Cast of characters:

Prabal Acharya, ex-OSIsoft-customer to ex-engineering to now Director, Microsoft Global Alliance.
Jason King, Senior Developer, PI Clients
Jay Lakumb, Product Manager



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The Discussion

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    yay a demo Smiley
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    heh had to work with them last year during my time in power-generation, its quite a system from OSI
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    A few jobs ago I used to work for a firm that did integration and development on top of the PI platform. PI *really* had the market we served (power industry) and there was a lot of power... interestingly enough, there really isn't anything much to be found online written about this technology.

    Yeah OSISoft was always a mini-Microsoft.... take that good and/or bad.

    Still - the changes that the company pushed seem very slow coming - but incremental changes. I would love to see them come out with something that is really big and evolutionary.

    I was involved in building a product that I at least thought was pretty big and changed things at least for our customers (it was a notification system) that hadn't really been done in a big way...

    Any which way, I don't do anything with PI anymore... but I used to be pretty big in that stuff.
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    Their rtWebParts for SharePoint are VERY cool as well. Real time system monitoring for the web.
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    OSISoft are really consolidating their grip on EMEA territories now. It seems that they are really moving up a gear now. There are major releases of the PI Server software coming out very soon now too. 
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    Hey Folks

    Cool product, looking forward to see a DEMO on Microsoft Data Center findings. If possible can you please demo mode on "Features" & less on "Technology". I guess, we will figure out the technology, would like to see what your product capabilities are...

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