OSIsoft: Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics - The Power of PI, The Demo

Play OSIsoft: Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics - The Power of PI, The Demo

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    yay a demo Smiley
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    heh had to work with them last year during my time in power-generation, its quite a system from OSI
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    A few jobs ago I used to work for a firm that did integration and development on top of the PI platform. PI *really* had the market we served (power industry) and there was a lot of power... interestingly enough, there really isn't anything much to be found online written about this technology.

    Yeah OSISoft was always a mini-Microsoft.... take that good and/or bad.

    Still - the changes that the company pushed seem very slow coming - but incremental changes. I would love to see them come out with something that is really big and evolutionary.

    I was involved in building a product that I at least thought was pretty big and changed things at least for our customers (it was a notification system) that hadn't really been done in a big way...

    Any which way, I don't do anything with PI anymore... but I used to be pretty big in that stuff.
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    Their rtWebParts for SharePoint are VERY cool as well. Real time system monitoring for the web.
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    OSISoft are really consolidating their grip on EMEA territories now. It seems that they are really moving up a gear now. There are major releases of the PI Server software coming out very soon now too. 
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    Hey Folks

    Cool product, looking forward to see a DEMO on Microsoft Data Center findings. If possible can you please demo mode on "Features" & less on "Technology". I guess, we will figure out the technology, would like to see what your product capabilities are...

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