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    Michelle Lee Ann Morris

    In submitting my name and business company name which has periods after 4 uppercase letters indicating acronyms for the words God Leads And Directs; it rejects the periods indicating acronyms therefore not allowing me to submit the full and legal name and entity of my business...which got me thinking...hey guys, I'm submitting a comment to i.e. Microsoft Corp. specifically the DPEUSPublicSectorTeam and surely you must program, author, and develop your own design and schematics to your webpages; and you do not allow in a space recognition of a name and or 'Company' name perhaps included in the 'Public Sector Industry" (slight smile here) I would suggest implementing the option to fully let all industries in the public sector access to submit my 2 cents (2 images of President Abraham Lincoln) in it's legal name and title for a precise and accurate description of the entity of industry submitting her opinion to your 'Discussion'. Which happens to be a great and ideal addition to your USPSDPETEAM. The Full Legal Name of My Business is G.L.A.D. Industries (future corporation to be) Acronyms as stated God Leads And Directs; Sole Proprietor Mobile Business License Protecting My Intellectual Property including CPTTS #'s i.e. Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, and Trade Secrets, which after many years of simply stop and taking the time to look at life and things around, brought forth much ideas and changes to build a better infrastructure for a community, especially at the time Hawthorne, California. However I am dealing with a major thief and identity theft imposed upon me by others, now I see my business ideas out the in the public sector of industry. I am the only owner and Author-inventor, researcher, 'wisdom' is knowledge correctly applied to bring about real solutions bringing about solid resolutions of truth in its simplest form = 1 cent the least valued by society however it's of the 'most' value and worth the penny 1 cent displays the face of a US President Honest Abe Abraham Lincoln. What do you value more Money or the Truth? I have no employees associated to date to my company. And 1 person--> Author to All of my CPTTS's. (Intelligence Not In An Artificial Way.) I am requesting to know more about your "team" of development & operations. Thank you for this opportunity to leave this comment. Regards, Michelle L. Morris ps-I am also interested to see what you have available to the public and economic industry preventions to identity theft and fraud prevention. Do you guys (being in the world of internet and computers offer and made available to retail establishments, banking institutions, online financial brokers etc. What do you do for your own company in that area? I just want to see what you have available no hidden agenda here. Yes, I would like to discuss some things further if someone from this particular department of development can please contact through the e-mail listed above. Also-- Prevention software inclusive to smart phones, e-mail addresses etc. all mine have been hacked and cloned with "users" listed that were never authorized to have access to my personal and business electronic devices. Thank you very much, I look forward to further conversations with you. ~ Michelle L. Morris G.L.A.D. INDUSTRIES (there's only one.)

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