Tanagram Partners: Exploring Natural User Interfaces In the Real World

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    Shane E. Gorrell

    It's too much hardware for the soldier to wear day after day, Have you been in a real war or combat scenario? Do the glasses clean themselves? is there a blind spot on the shades? this ideas of yours is very similar to gaming except you really die if you get shot.  How about just an interface ear peice that is programmed with suggestive ideas on how to handle the situations. The ear piece will always be looping communication an compiling correct decision making? The ear piece can even transelate a language the soldier doesn't understand.  The earpiece could even have collective memory with a voice recognitioned password.  The collective memory that you are offering could cause a negative affect if it were to get into the wrong hands. I designed an patented an idea similar to what I just wrote here that would help elderly people with  Alzheimer's disease. I have lots of ideas if you want to talk you can email me at: steam_boat37@yahoo.com

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