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The Microsoft Development Center in Copenhagen (MDCC) recently held it's second TechFest. Each year (this is year two of TechcFest) the good folks at MDCC put on a show where local (Denmark and other northern European countries) innovators show off their wares. I was lucky enough to spend a day learning about some of the great things small ISVs and scholars are creating on Microsoft and non-Microsoft development platform stacks.

Here, we learn about an innovative community-based trust scoring system for websites: TrustPilot. Ever wondered how you can trust that a site is legitimate (in addition to using phishing filters, etc) and not out to steal your money or personal data? What if you could vote on the trustworthiness of a site and share this information with other human web surfers? How would this system work? Can you trust anonymous peers? Tune in. Find out...



The Discussion

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    Ch9, please invest in a wireless background-noise-canceling microphone set. You are Microsoft for crying out loud. I'm not asking for a fully-produced video etc, just clean audio...especially when you go to these large conferences where it's difficult to hear the interviewee due to the other voices.
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    I plan on getting a mic like this in the new year. I agree that it's time....

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