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Tobii Technology is an incredibly innovative company. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, this small ISV makes eye tracking hardware and software that enables people with disabilities to interact with a computing device using only their eyes. There are no peripheral hardware requirements for communicating with the My Tobii P10 device: all that is needed are eyes. Of course, there are many applications for this type of eye-controlled user interaction technology (as discussed in the interview, this area is rife with possibility). Tobii devices are also used in scientific research. In fact, Microsoft is a Tobii customer. We use their devices in our user interaction research programs.

Here, we meet the CEO of the company along with the My Tobii application lead software developer and development manager. Of course we get a demo and talk about some nuts and bolts. I'm really impressed with this small company. So innovative! In fact, Tobii was one of the winners in the recent Ingenuity Point worldwide ISV contest.

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The Discussion

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    Amazing!  :O
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    Interesting technology Smiley Must have been quite some work to create it.
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    Relaxed and fun, great interview. Those suedes sure know what they're doing Smiley
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    <swedish>ser grymt ut Smiley ni borde fixa några fps spel Wink det där med highlightng till läst text skulle va nått jag skulle köpa redan idag och jag är inte handikappad alls (inte fysiskt iaf Tongue Out ) kanske söker jobb hos er sen Wink ha det bra Smiley </swedish>


    awsome Smiley

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    I think it would be better if you do the demo first, and then they talk about the demo.  That way, you have a visual in your head of what they are referring to, and can understand whatever they are referring to better.  Where, if you talk about it and then do a demo, you have to try to think of what they are talking about first, and then backtrack once you do the demo and relate the demo back to what they said before.

    Anyway, just a suggestion.  Keep up the great videos.

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    Hands free internet browsing, could be interesting...

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