iBloks: Rolf Kaiser - Pushing WPF to the Limits

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iBloks was one of the first multimedia vendor certified on Vista, and an early adopter of WPF. Rolf Kaiser, IBloks CTO, founder and developer has lots of experience in designing 3D applications and how WPF eases the process and enriches the user experience. He also provides a demonstration of iBloks’ application.


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The Discussion

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    Sort of looks like Popfly but on WPF. I guess its really cool... its use seems a little broad.
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    Hmm, I don't get the idea of this app. What's the sense of this? We shouldn't overstate "It's all about experience". Some people want content and service, too Wink
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    Looks cool..tx for the interview
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    I've been a programmer for nearly two decades now, and I've never known any subset of the population large enough for sales to notice who would buy a program that works and is ugly, but I've countless examples of the opposite... kinda depressing thought tho.

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