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One of the exciting elements of building for Windows Phone is that properly designed and architected Windows Phone apps are already on their way to being Windows Store apps. This week, Matt Hidinger joins us to talk about how we can leverage .NET technology to build apps for both platforms while sharing code.

In addition to his discussion here, you can also see Matt's Build 2013 talk in which he dives deeper into his Real World Stocks app. 

Build For Both: Windows and Windows Phone - Matt Hidinger

Real World Stocks source (Windows & Windows Phone)

One thing I've learned from talking about Build For Both is that you can never have enough samples or enough guidance. So in addition to Matt's code, Matthias Shapiro also has a "Build For Both" project build around the Philips Hue WiFi enabled lights that was also demoed at Build 2013. While the title of the talk is MVVM, the project features a complete solution for both Windows Phone and Windows. 

This App Is Brought to You by MVVM - Hulu Case Study - Matthias Shapiro and Zachary Pinter

Hue For Both - Windows and Windows Phone

Additionally, in the MVVM talk listed above Zachary Pinter from Hulu joined Matthias to talk about how Hulu created a "Build For Both" solution that shares code across projects. It is a fantastic demonstration of the power of good architecture to create apps that live on Windows and Windows Phone. As if that were not enough, Zachary also explains his techniques further in a post on the Hulu Tech Blog. 

Tips and Highlights From Developing Mobile Apps for Windows - Zachary Pinter

Finally, if you're more interested in reading that watching, check out the July 2013 issue of MSDN Magazine, which features an article from Joel Reyes on building apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Joel's piece is one of the most complete discussions on the topic, covering details around UX strategies, application lifecycle, tiles, background tasks, you name it. 

Building Apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 - Joel Reyes



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    This code sharing is not so perfect at present but I think that in this show are explained some good tips with the default namespace and shortcuts for class files. Thanks.

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    I don't think its really hard to figure out how to develop apps using .NET. It would be great to see more sessions on developing WP 8 applications using C++ and on the topics how to enumerate or walking thru processes list, how much each process consuming CPU and Virtual memory. Thanks

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    Bueno, HTML es una base para empezar a programar en Windows pone 8 y Windows 8, asi que seria útil un tutorial de estos

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