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 One of the really exciting things about Windows Phone development is how enormously flexible it is. With Windows Phone 8, in addition to supporting native (C++) and managed (C#) development, the platform is the perfect place to develop apps using HTML5.

Jeff Burtoft,  an HTML5 technical evangelist with Microsoft, joins us this week to talk about the flexibility and cross-platform power of HTML5 in the context of Windows Phone. The in-depth example that we cover in the video is a project called YetiBowl, and standards compliant HTML5 game that runs flawlessly on the web, as a Windows 8 app and as a Windows Phone 8 app.

Make sure you check out Jeff's 4 part series on creating the HTML5 Yeti game you see in this episode.

Yeti Bowl Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

What makes all this possible is Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8. IE10 for the phone and the PC are built on the same engine and use the same renderer which means that what you see on your desktop (or tablet) is what you'll see on your phone. Additionally, the web browser control in Windows Phone apps is a full instance of IE10, with the same speed and power as the native phone browser.

There are lots of great libraries and products that make developing for Windows Phone 8 in HTML5 a blast.

  • PhoneGap - PhoneGap is for building cross-platform apps using HTML5. They support Windows Phone 8 with a great Visual Studio template to get started in no time. And don't miss our PhoneGap porting challenge with great opportunities prizes available for PhoneGap developers.  
  • Atari Arcade - Great HTML5 games that re-imagine the some of the classic Atari games. Get the source code and get coding!
  • Internet Explorer Test Drive - great examples of what is possible using IE 10.
  • CreateJS - A great library for building rich experiences in HTML5 that work beautifully on Windows Phone.
  • ProcessingJS for Windows and Windows Phone - The ProcessingJS library uses HTML5 canvas to create digital art, simple games and visualizations. We have a full curriculum on creative coding including sample projects and full-featured apps.
  • Construct 2 - HTML5 based game creator focused on building beautiful 2D HTML5 games. Support for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store apps.
  • YoYo GameMaker - Cross-platform HTML5 game development with support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.






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The Discussion

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    Insanely easy thank you for the tip!

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    akbar  mosleh

    you help me thank you

  • User profile image

    silverlight player never play on full volume when I set them full last time played another video here.

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    You say this HTML5 App is not hosted in a control, yet the Windows 8 Phone Template clearly wraps up a Browser control in XAML. Is HTML5 the ideal way to write a Phone App?

    <!--LayoutRoot is the root grid where all page content is placed-->
    <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="Transparent">
    <phone:WebBrowser x:Name="Browser"
    NavigationFailed="Browser_NavigationFailed" />

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    sadananda singh

    I need to those HMLT5 how I Instolee those in my mobile

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    @Mark:For Windows 8, we have native JavaScript development so that the entire application renders in HTML and is driven by JavaScript. In Windows Phone 8, the control is hosted in a C# application.

    But (and this may be where the misunderstanding is) the WebBrowser control starts up a no-compromise instance of IE10. This is the same powerful instance of IE10 that starts up when the user opens up their native web browser on the phone, which means we get the same power of JavaScript and HTML5 in our apps as there is in the native browser experience.

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    UC Browser on Windows Phone supports HTML5 very well. Links below:

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    Chris Weed

    Great intro, thank you. I thought my only option was PhoneGap, but I see the idea of just having a browser element really is kind of the same thing.
    Now accessing the native components (phone, contacts, etc) is still limited by the browser, so PhoneGap would need to be used in those cases, correct?

    Also, showing a game is nice and all, but most apps are simple data entry/retrieval. And by the looks of it, you get nothing fancy to work with in the html context. So the awesome native page changes and styles that come native to a Windows phone 8 app, would have to be built by hand when using HTML and JavaScript.

    I was actually hoping there were some fancy overrides for tags, things such as <page> and the like that windows phone would use to create a more native experience. Guess now I know.

    Thank you!

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    I am trying to port an Android Html5 App to WP8 but I am having trouble making requirejs work, my question on stackoverflow

    can you help ?


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    "across windows 8 and WP8 we use the same version... same features and same supported HTML5 functionalities".

    This is not quite accurate and there are important limitations on WP8 for HTML5 including the inability to play simultaneous audio...

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    How can I close windows phone 8 app developed using html5.

    I have tried javascript to do so my writting a block of code like below

    $(document).ready(function(e) {      
            alert("App Closing now..");

    which is not working in my case.

    Help me on how to close my HTML5 application?

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    Rajesh Jai

    It is possible to create a html5 Application in visual studio express 2012 ultimate.

  • User profile image
    Rajesh Jai

    one more doubt, It's possible to create a html5 Windows Phone Application in visual studio express 2012 ultimate ???

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    Hi sir

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    I am trying to migrate Windows 8 store Html5, Javascript  App to WP8 but I am having trouble making jquery. For Windows 8 store i used JQuery1.8 it working fine, but in C# Windows 8 Html5 Phone App it's not working. please help me..

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