IWP 57 | Location and Mapping for Windows Phone 8

Play IWP 57 | Location and Mapping for Windows Phone 8

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    I love this show ! Very helpful and inspiring. I have questions:
    Last step that You've made... Getting the token for MapServices is for free ? And there is no additional costs connected with developing and submitting apps with maps to the store ? This map app will work on every phone or only Nokias ? And the last thing... This is available for Windows 8 (tablets, pc's etc.) too ?

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    @dzimiq: Thanks! The token for the Map control is free now and forever. It is just a way to verify that the map control has been signed in the app store.

    Microsoft and Nokia have teamed up to deliver this mapping data to Windows Phone 8 across all devices. This will work on HTC or Samsung or Huawei phones as well as Nokia phones.

    At this time, the Windows 8 solution is to use the Bing Maps control. Although it is being driven by much of the same data, it is a distinct control.

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    Thank You Matthias ! I can't wait for new episodes. I don't have enough free time to use all concepts that are presented in IWP but for sure I will use some of them in my apps.

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    Love the Episode.

    Shows me that what I have in mind is possible with minimal friction.

    I can't help feeling that Larry was a little too rough on Mathias with the constant direction in presentation and coaxing.

    Other than that, IWP is my new favorite channel9 show.

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    A tad bit confused, if MainPage_Loaded is void returning and async, when the app calls the first await will now return and leave MainPage_Loaded? Sometime later locator.GetpositionAsync will return something and cause and exception. Most people I have seen using await in a  void returning event handler do not return a task. I am confused, because this goes against what Luican W. said on his Channel 9 series on Async. Will the statement after The await be executed? Will the catch (not shown) catch the exception?

    async void MainPage_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            Geoposition myLocation = await locator.GetGeopositionAsync();
            GeoCoordinate geoCord = new GeoCoordinate(myLocation.Coordinate.Latitude, myLocation.Coordinate.Longitude);
            MyFirstMap.Center = geoCord;
            MyFirstMap.ZoomLevel = 16;


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