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Download the project seen in this video here.

Two weeks ago, Nokia announced their Lumia 1020, which, in addition to being a fantastic all-around device running the best mobile OS on the market today, has an astounding 41 megapixel camera sensor. In addition to this new device, Nokia also announced the public beta of the Nokia Imaging SDK.

The Nokia Imaging SDK is a really amazing library and almost instantly became one of my favorite packages for Windows Phone development. It works with any Windows Phone, not just the Nokia Lumia line. The SDK features 52 easy-to-use filters for mobile imaging and is able to apply them quickly and (my favorite part) with extremely low memory usage. Honestly, the word "filters" is a little deceptive because among these filters are filters to crop, rotate, combine multiple images and even add custom frames. With these options, the Nokia Imaging SDK is a full-featured imaging solution that is custom designed for the way Windows Phone development works.

The documentation around the SDK is excellent. Because Nokia took care to write libraries for specific chipsets, it is a good idea to carefully follow the instructions for adding the SDK to your project. Once the libraries are added and the project configured to work on both emulators and devices, you can jump into the Quick Start, which walks through capturing a new image and adding a filter to the image.

In addition to this simple tutorial, Nokia has also provided 3 great sample projects that feature the value of the SDK in a variety of contexts. Each of the demos is accompanied with an in depth discussion of how the demo works along with key code.

Filter Effects - Shows the power of combining filters by showing 4 filter combination pre-sets and allowing the user to manage the filter variables in real-time.

Filter Explorer - Pulls images from the user media library and applies random filters to them, arranging them in a tile schema. If you're looking for an easy example of all the available filters, this is the place to go.

Real-Time Filter Demo So... you're the difficult person who wants to apply filters in real-time in your app. There's a demo for that too! This demo shows off 6 of the filters in a real-time camera setting.



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